Analytics Intelligence powered by InsuredMine — Big Data Insights for Insurance Agents


A Dashboard provides a clear view of every important data on one page. Customizable to the agent’s preference, the InsuredMine Dashboard contains widget and tool options for easy monitoring and access to the vital organizational matrices. With no restrictions to access, it can be used from any location remotely or in the office setting. 

Smart Charts

Convenient presentation of data clusters in a resourceful manner for prompt, prominent observation and decision making. Underlying records for a variety of data become easily accessible aided by visual analytics. Comparative preview and real-time updates make charts a statistically significant tool of Insuredmine. Policies by the line of business, by expiration dates, missing client information, email campaign overview, event calendar, client pulse, daily highlights and much more can be viewed in the form of charts.


Effective decision making

The InsuredMine Dashboard helps answer many questions such as what is the lead-conversion rate? Which policy category is contributing to your revenue the most? Which geographical area has the least number of prospects and demands more attention? Based on visual analytics its easier to make key decisions of where sales are lagging and what can be done to improve them.

Comprehensive Widgets

Widgets are components of a User Interface that seamlessly integrate with any Agency Management System in a simple view format, customized for individual functionalities. For instance, bulk SMS can be sent to clients from the dashboard with a widget feature in the CRM. Different types of data tools can be presented as widgets on one common page, like the dashboard of InsuredMine. For example, data for client search in a specific location and email campaign analysis, although poles apart in terms of analytical algorithms, can be viewed together as separate segments on the dashboard.

Spot trends

Visualization using graphs and charts based on past and present data instantly shows the direction of business activity, customer relationships, and sales. Get your clients coming back for more with the most promising policy resources in the Insurance business. 

Simple to use KPIs

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are the metrics measuring your organizational growth and productivity. Response times, conversions, funnel drop off rates and many other up-to-date mechanisms keep the administration informed about client issues and the decisive actions taken for resolving them. Customer contentment and positive relationship management are at the core of KPI functionalities.


What Agents Say

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