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Task Management

Task Management at InsuredMine is all about driving agency solutions with advanced prioritization and techniques to focus on high performance and integration, to attain goals. From making plans to managing tasks, our software helps you log and track every piece of information related to your project.

Create tasks linked with particular client or prospect

Insuredmine tasklist enables you to easily create tasks related to any contact. The entire team can view at a glance what is to be done and who is responsible. Any team member is able to check his own assigned tasks, including those that are due that particular day. You can mark priorities while creating tasks to ensure a smooth workflow. 

Optimize your productivity

Track progress through intelligent insights from key performance indicators over your task list. Send a reminder for tasks pending to the accountable resources of your company to make sure there is no productivity lag. The task list provides a flexible view specially designed to display records as you desire. 

Creation and Due dates

It’s important to keep track of time for every individual task. Specifying a time frame by setting Start and Due dates allows you to manage tasks efficiently. An automated notification is sent as a reminder before the due date to complete the task within a defined time frame. 

Level up and prioritize Tasks

Never miss a catch! Plan and prioritize your agency tasks. Checklists, files, and tags can be attributed to particular tasks. Receive notification of task updates and modifications, and not just when due date is approaching. All information related to tasks is available in a snap. Remember there is always something more important than the other; so take lead by defining your priorities right.

Highly Effective Task Assignment System

Standardize operational efficiency by allocating tasks to every agent or CSR according to their work goals. You can track your own progress with to-do lists and calendar schedules synced to the deal board. Every specific organizational function can be handled efficiently by delegating tasks appropriately. 


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