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Opportunities is all about mining into your current book of business for additional sales. 4 core areas to dig deeper into the current book of business includes – Renewals, X-dates, Cross-Sales and Winbacks. Segmenting clients by these categories and developing strategies to communicate accordingly will resonate and yield better outcomes.

Manage Renewals better

Procure renewal information for all the policies in your Agency Management System(AMS) on one screen. The renewal policy data can be viewed for 30 days, 90 days or any period you prefer. While renewing identify opportunities for cross sales, bundles, coverage thus increasing customer lifetime value and additional revenue. 

Capture the Xdates

X dates should not be confused with the due dates or Expiration Dates. These dates are prospecting opportunity dates set by the agency to reach out to the prospect before the due date or expiration date of the existing policy. The existing policy may belong to a different carrier and hence an opportunity can be tapped for quote conversion in favor of the agency.

Visualize Development

Get a deeper understanding of your prospects or customers’ preferences by studying their current and preceding statistics. Know their requirements and current financials to offer them apt services, maintain good relations, and foster greater trust for higher progression.

Boost Cross Sell

 Agencies that thrive are skilled in cross sales as it helps increase revenue and higher client retention. Being able to see all the cross sales opportunities, developing marketing and sales strategies to engage and convert and tracking metrics on what’s working are all clicks of a button. 

Improve Win back

Win Back a lost deal or a lost client is always a morale booster. With the help of automated sales solutions from InsuredMine you will have a much higher close ratio. Enhance the value offered to prospects for closing a lost deal through a win-back email and a text drip campaign. CSR’s or agents can be automatically assigned tasks to follow up after an email drip campaign that goes out to politely nudge these clients and re-engage them. 


What Agents Say

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