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Best customer engagement software tools for Insurance CRM.


Automation is an element of CRM (customer relationship management) that streamlines sales process tasks using AI and digital tools to eliminate time-consuming, repetitive work of agents. Client management, task allocation, employee assessment, lead management, client inquiries can all be handled through automation.

Remove hindrances from your sales performance track

If your team is just burdened with routine administrative tasks, where does it get the time to engage more leads and attain more clients? Equip your agency with automated sales solutions and reach your goals faster.

Maximize efficiency with Task Automation

Task automation initiates the retrieval of a comprehensive client and marketplace data. It facilitates framing decision-making objectives and guiding sales activities where they are most effective. 

Assign task on Dealboard

Categorize and direct agent tasks based on their current activity and performance. Save time and resources by not having to manually follow up on each agent individually. 

Track Daily Work-Flow of your Team

Activities schedule, tasks pending, things to be done, policies earnings and campaigns scheduled of every agent or team member can be reviewed in a single screen. It not only gives an insight into the output, but also measures the workload of each agent.

Cross-Selling and upselling

Cross-selling and upselling are selling other policies or bundling additional policies for the existing customer. As per the book Marketing Matrics, there is a 60%-70% probability of cross-selling in comparison to selling to a new customer. Automation helps reduce CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) by segmenting customer database on the basis of client requirements supporting agents to accomplish cross-sales accurately. 


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