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Goal management

Setting and achieving targets with conjoined efforts of a team towards a common purpose is Goal Management. Adopt powerful means to review goal trajectory aligned with employee performance. Possessing a good work ethic without a purpose serves nothing. Inject your AMS  with InsuredMine’s Goal Management module to extract maximum performance and productivity.

Performance Review On Leader board

The team performance section of InsuredMine software portrays deliverables of all agents in a single striking view that’s referred to as a Leaderboard. Select the deals for establishing goals and view quantified data in terms of deals won and deal value of the appointed agent or manager. The significance of this feature is that both sides of the table get a reasonable idea of what’s working and what needs improvement.

Strengthen Team Engagement

Charged team atmosphere is a reflex action of Goal management. Passionately working for targets, knowing what needs to be done, is always better than employees jumping back and forth aimlessly. The positivity in the agency fosters innovation and productivity. Suggestions and improvements beam out naturally and keep the team going strong.

Actual Vs Target

View the KPIs in a chart that indicates actual deals augmented compared to the target goals assigned in a month. The dollar value of the policies won by the agents is showcased on one side along with the indicative point of work done by the agent. The marginal difference between the two can be clearly spotted. This analysis facilitates a better assignment of goals and taking remedial action as required. 


Personal Target Achievement

Not only the employees or agents, but the leaders can also review their own performance with InsuredMine’s Goal Management tool called My Goals. Tracking performance on multiple levels like sales, onboarding, securing risk and a lot more is possible. Drawing inferences from these indicators is easy as the data can be visualized in a simple effective layout. Glance through the charts in just a few seconds and get ready to reinforce more. 

Enhance Accountability

Leverage goal management to drive your team to not only achieve their goals but strengthen the capability of exceeding the goal targets. Clear expectations defined by realistic targets for each month including the deal value provides a reason to understand what is expected from the team. Every member knows the benchmark and holds accountability for the target achievement.


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