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4 KPIs in Dashboard

Active clients, Annualized Premium, Policies & Carriers (each is hyperlinked to provide you instant view to each of them)
  1. Active accounts – List of all the active accounts as individuals or businesses who have purchased policies through your agency. Clicking on the count opens the list of all active accounts and each account provides a 360 view (overview) of policy holder including – Policy Info, Documents (email, received records, events – notes, files), Events, Deal/card history, Chat history, Campaigns & Referrals.
  2. Carrier – Includes a list of all carriers who have written policies directly or through subsidiaries within a local region.
  3. Policies Count of policies is a good reflection of business health and growth. By clicking on the policy count – the next page will show all policies by policy number, account name, provider, premium, period, insured; policies by me, by others.
  4. Annualized Premium: Annualized Premium is calculated based on 365 days in a year beginning on the initial date of the policy. Depending on the start date of the policy, the month may have less or more days in it for the term.

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