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Dealboard Overview: Dashboard

Get the pulse of your agency via dealboard overview. Set the dates for which you want to have an overview. The dealboard overview will help to get estimate the total business generated in the selected period.

Campaign Overview: Dashboard

You can get a complete overview of the campaigns that are running. Hovering on it will give you the campaign details and clicking on it

Contacts: Dashboard

Through Contacts, you can quickly and easily find a client to go to their Account 360 overview, or engage with them with some of the

Activities Overview: Dashboard

This widget will give you a summarized view of the activities of all agents of the agency. This will help you to know the amount

New Policies: Dashboard

Through this widget, you can segment policy by the line of business and month created. Click on the count to preview the list or click

Todo: Dashboard

Through this dashboard widget, you can add tasks. Add task name, select the date and click on add task button. Once done, the todo list

Google Review: Dashboard

Through this widget, you can send emails to clients to get Google reviews. Click on the Get Google Reviews button and fill the form to

Campaign Live Feed: Dashboard

This table view widget provides real-time updates of recipients’ responses to your email campaigns. Through this widget, you can keep a tab on who is

Calendar Events: Dashboard

Get a sneak-peek into your calendar on this dashboard. You can update the preview to today, this week, or this month’s view. You can click