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Release Notes

All product enhancements, new feature release will be shared here.

Release Notes – April 2024

6th April Accounts, Contacts – Need Search Option in the timeline for Contact360 and Account360 Accounts, Contacts, Pipelines – Payment feature in card detail, account360,

Release Notes – March 2024

9th March Accounts – Merge the Duplicates from Account360 Page Accounts, Contacts – Merge Accounts and Contacts with Enhanced Search Functionality Accounts, Contacts – Search

Release Notes – February 2024

3rd February Accounts – Automate NAICS code on Commercial Account Creation Contacts – Select Contact and Create List Dashboard – Multiple Pipeline Selection from all

Release Notes – December 2023

30th December Contacts, Accounts – Add dependents as Contact for ams360 Dashboard – Multiple select option of pipeline in Quote to close cards eSignature –

Release Notes – November 2023

25th November Contacts, Accounts – All tab in communication for Contact360 and Account360 Carriers, Categories – NB, Renewals, cancellations and rewritten in carrier and categories

Release Notes – October 2023

14 October Notice board –Notice board for the agency Reports – Overall activities analytics eSignature –   Share and manage esignature templates with agents Forms – Tracking

Release Notes – August 2023

9 August Lists – Enhanced list sorting functionality for accounts and contacts Work email – Move Close conversation to open Pipelines, Accounts, Contacts – Enhanced

Release Notes – July 2023

22 July eSignature – Undelivered eSignature Handling eSignature – Drag and drop file to upload in eSignature Contact, account, policy – Contact, Account, Policy archived

Release Notes – June 2023

24 June eSignature – Stripe Payment in eSignature eSignature – Use signed documents for new eSign requests eSignature – CC in eSignature eSignature – eSign

Release Notes – May 2023

20 April Pipeline – Pipeline upload for custom fields Pipeline – Default option for personal/commercial in Add Deal Contact, Account – Canceled policy tab in

Release Notes – April 2023

1 April 2023 Accounts- Add/Edit account with NAICS code generated using AI for commercial accounts. Account, Contact & Engagement – Text generation using AI

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