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Release Notes – April 2024

20th April

  1. eSignature – eSign – Return Documents Separately

6th April

  1. Accounts, Contacts – Need Search Option in the timeline for Contact360 and Account360
  2. Accounts, Contacts, Pipelines – Payment feature in card detail, account360, and contact360
  3. App – IM Agent App – “Add task to calendar” Option
  4. App – Mandatory field handling for adding deals and contacts in the CRM App
  5. App – Revenue and Premium fields in the Add Deal tab
  6. App – Add CSR to the main Account page on the Mobile App
  7. Carriers, Categories – Carrier and Category goal
  8. eSignature – eSign Reminder email/text in the timeline
  9. Engagement – Email Campaign- Unsubscribe Marketing and Transactional Email
  10. Engagement – Cancelled Re-written Workflow Automation
  11. Engagement – Non-renewal Workflow Automation
  12. Engagements – Workflow Automation – Random Contacts for Google Review and NPS
  13. Pipeline – Pipeline bulk upload and policy mapping – New Logic
  14. Pipeline – Pipeline Settings- Optional Premium and Revenue on Won Deal Announcement Email
  15. Pipelines – Policy Details Update on Created Policy Sync to AMS from Pipeline Quotes Popup
  16. Pipelines – AMS Policy Sync Error in Timeline Card View
  17. Pipelines – Restrict Commercial/Personal Renewal Pipeline
  18. Policies – Executive and Representative options when adding/syncing policy with AMS
  19. Reports – Reports- Filter by CSR
  20. Settings, Integration – Social Media Integration (LinkedIn)
  21. Settings, Integration – Epay Integration
  22. Settings – AMS360 Activity Sync Restrictions
  23. Settings – Send SMS Notification to the CSR
  24. Settings – Fiscal Year Setting on Agency Level and Goal Setting

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