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Epay Integration

The ePay Integration with InsuredMine combines the robust payment processing capabilities of ePay with the comprehensive insurance management functionalities of InsuredMine. This seamless integration empowers users to effortlessly handle insurance-related payments, streamlining the entire payment process from request to transaction.

Use Case: Efficiently manage payment requests, securely store payment details, and gain valuable insights into their transaction history, all within the unified platform of InsuredMine.

To View the Enhancement:

  • Navigate to the settings module.
  • Then within integrations, select ePay Payment.
  • Click Connect.
  • Apply the ePay Impersonation key.
  • Click “Update.”
  • A pop-up notification will appear saying: Success Creds updated successfully.

How to request and make Payments?

  • Navigate to the payment module.
  • Next, click on the Request payment feature.

A minimized window will appear on the right, prompting you to add payment details.

  • Next, add contact information, email ID, policies, and amount. You can also add files and notes if necessary.
  • Select the preferred method to request payments: via email or text.
  • Click on “Request payment.”
  • The payment link will be successfully sent to the contact via email, text, or both.
  • As shown in the picture above, the following contact will receive a notification regarding a payment request via email, text, or both.
  • Click on “Pay Now.”
  • Before payment, confirm the name, email, and phone number.
  • Click on “Pay.”

If the contact is new, users need to click on “Add New” to input their payment details. Existing contacts can choose their saved card details.

  • Click on “Add New.”

A form will open where you need to add your card details.

  • Select payment mode: Credit card or ACH.
  • Enter the required details.
  • Click on Save to store your card details.

Note: The provided card details will be saved for future transactions.

  • Once card details are added, click on ‘Pay’ to confirm the payment.
  • A receipt displaying: Payment Success for the contact details will be generated.
  • To view the latest transaction details, click on complete within the payment dashboard.

Additionally, view details of requested, completed, and pending payment requests.

  • Following a successful transaction, a payment confirmation email will be sent to both the agent and the contact.
  • The agent will receive a confirmation mail as shown above.

Congratulations! You’ve just received a payment through Epay.

  • Hence, the contact will receive two emails: one from ePay and one from InsuredMine.

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