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Fiscal Year Setting on Agency Level and Goal Setting

Once you have set up your fiscal year with InsuredMine, the data pertinent to your setup will become visible to you within the sales goals and carrier goals interfaces.

Use Case: Aligns financial cycles, empowers goal settings, enhances team focus, and fosters accountability for improved performance.

To View the Enhancement:

  • Navigate to the settings module.
  • Then, within configuration select ‘Fiscal year setup.’
  • Toggle to enable it.
  • Select your starting month for the fiscal year.
  • Next, click save.

Note 1: The starting month you have selected will determine the fiscal year setup for the next twelve months. For example, if you choose May 2024 as the starting month, it will set your financial year up to April 2025.

Note 2: Once enabled, it affects both agent & carrier-based goal setting as well as sales & carrier goal analytics.

Goal Settings (Carrier):

Sales Goal:

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