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Executive and Representative options when adding/syncing policy with AMS

Previously, when syncing a policy, the same accounts and contact executive and representative were automatically applied. Now, users have the flexibility to select different executives and representatives before syncing the policy. This ensures that the chosen executive and representative are mapped for the policy and synced within AMS360.

Use Case: Choosing different executives and representatives makes policies fit better, organizing them neatly for easy management in AMS.

Note: If executives and representatives are not selected before syncing, the policy will be mapped to the available executive and representative for the contact and account.

To View the Enhancement:

  • Create a policy and click on it to view the policy details.
  • Next, click on ‘AMS360 not synced’ to sync the policy details with the AMS360.
  • Select the exec and rep before syncing the policy with AMS.
  • Click on “Sync.”

While adding Quotes from the Deal Card:

  • Select a deal card, then click on the deal category.
  • When adding a quote, choose the executive and representative before syncing with AMS.

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