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Policy Management

All information about Policy Management

Policy Premium Range Filter

Now in the Policy Module, you can filter policies based on their premium amount range. By inputting values in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields, users

Sync/Not Sync filter in policy list

The policy filter now includes a new feature allowing users to view the list of policies categorized by their synchronization status. Navigation: Go to the

Pipeline cards on Policy360

With this latest feature, users now have the ability to view pipeline cards within Policy360 when their policy is associated with specific deal cards. Navigation:

Add Notes in Policy

Update – The new update enables you to add notes under the policy. Application – Log updates and details as Notes to the policy  

Add policy from the quote of the card.

Description: Adding a quote will automatically create a policy in the deal card. Benefit: Creating a policy is now quicker, automated, and more efficient. Navigation

Add X-dates policy

In this article, you will learn: 1. Add & Save Policy 3. View Policy Add X-date policy/data through the InsuredMine agency portal by following the

Custom Fields in Policy

Admin can add custom fields in the Policy module, which can be used if there are additional field requirements from the client or agency.   

Policy delete restriction

Managing policy data is easier by providing restricted access for deleting policy information. The admin can control access for making changes, deleting, canceling, or reactivating

Generic filters

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