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Add policy number to eSign signed doc for AMS360

Description: Agents can include the policy number when sending documents for eSignature.

Benefit: Agents can track which policies are associated with the documents sent for eSignature.


  • Navigate to the eSignature module. Click on Sign Document.
  • Select a file. Click on Next.


  • Add signers. Click on Next.

  • Place fields where they are required. Click on Next.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the Policy number. Scroll down to select Send.


Note: The policies visible in the drop-down are the ones that have already been added to the corresponding contact sent for eSignature.


  • You can track the documents sent for an eSign policy once the file has been sent for eSignature.

  • Sign in to the AMS portal. Open the contact to whom the eSignature documents were sent.

  • Go to the Activity section to view the eSign document

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