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Non-renewal Workflow Automation

 If a policy’s status has been changed to ‘non-renewed’ in AMS platforms like AMS360, Hawksoft, Epic, Nexsure, and Sagitta then the status in the IM portal will also be changed from active to non-renewed. Additionally, once the policy status has been changed to ‘non-renewed,’ the automation will be triggered after the mentioned date.

Use Case: Streamlines policy management, ensuring accurate status updates and timely notifications for non-renewal scenarios.

To View the Enhancement:

  • Navigate to the Engagement module.
  • Then, select “Automation” and click on ‘Create.’
  • Select Non-Renewal Policy and click on Customize.
  • Specify the workflow name.
  • Choose the triggering mode for the workflow, including options like email, text messages, tasks, etc.
  • Next, select the contact type.
  • Filter and select your policy category and policy carrier type.
  • Indicate the timing and select the specific days for triggering the workflow.
  • Finally, click on Begin.
  • Now, create/customize the stages with the chosen workflow modes to trigger Non-renewal workflow automation. For instance, we’ve selected email under stage 1.
  • In case you’ve selected other modes, you can easily create or modify stages to match your selections.
  • Finally, click Next.

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