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Workflow Automation

Information about Workflow Automation

Lost Account Workflow Automation

We have implemented a new workflow in our workflow automation called ‘Lost Account.’ This automation functions by triggering notifications to accounts regarding inactive policies with

Cancelled Re-written Workflow Automation

When an account’s policy status changes to ‘cancelled rewritten’ within the AMS, InsuredMine automatically updates this status. If the cancelled rewritten automation is triggered after

Non-renewal Workflow Automation

 If a policy’s status has been changed to ‘non-renewed’ in AMS platforms like AMS360, Hawksoft, Epic, Nexsure, and Sagitta then the status in the IM

Policy Cancellation in Workflow Automation

The current feature, “Policy Cancellation,” is a  new addition to our Workflow Automation system. With this feature, managing policy cancellation requests is now seamless and

Renewed Policy Workflow Automation

Renewed workflow automation is available for NowCerts, QQ Catalyst, and AMS360 users.  This workflow can be scheduled for any policy that gets renewed into your

Automation: Policy Renewal

In this article, you will learn: Workflow Details Designing the workflow Editing a saved or live workflow: Carrier Name tag Policy Carrier filter for Policy

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