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Renewal workflow automation changes + Policy premium filter

We have introduced a significant enhancement to our renewal workflow automation. When setting up policy renewal automation, you have the flexibility to determine the number of days before a policy expires. Now, with this new enhancement, it allows you to include a custom timeframe as well.

For instance, if a client has two policies expiring in 10 days and 15 days, and you’ve configured the policy renewal automation with a 10-day reminder, the client will receive a notification for the policy expiring in 10 days only. However, by utilizing the custom timeframe option and setting it to 5 days, policies expiring in 10 and 15 days will both trigger the automation, and the client will be notified about renewing both policies.


  1. Navigate to “Engagement.”
  2. Click on “Automation.”

3. Select “Create.”

4. Click on “Customize” in the policy renewal section.

Note: Once you have set the automation then it will trigger according to days which you have set.

Description: The new filter has been added “Policy Premium” in that you can set policy premium where if you will add the premium (From- To) and apply the filter then it will trigger the automation according to the premium which has been set.

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