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Restrict Birthday and Birthday65 Automations for Deceased

With this enhancement, users can now choose to restrict the workflow automation for deceased individuals when triggering these given options Stop stages for deceased.For instance, when setting up the “Say Happy Birthday” workflow, users can check a box to ensure that the automation excludes deceased individuals from receiving birthday messages. Similarly, when triggering the “Clients Turning 65” workflow, users can also opt to restrict stages for deceased clients, ensuring that only living clients receive the designated messages.

Use Case: Exclude deceased contacts for sensitive and accurate communication, saving time and streamlining workflows efficiently.

Note: This feature is exclusive to Hawksoft Users only.

To  View the Enhancement:

  • Navigate to the  Engagement module.
  • Then, on Automation.

Now, while setting up email or text automation to send a special message like “Say happy birthday”  or “Client turning 65” to each of your Clients, Prospects, and Partners, you can choose to restrict the stages for deceased individuals.

While triggering Say Happy Birthday WorkFlow:

  • Check mark to restrict the stages for the deceased while running automation for Happy Birthdays.

While triggering Clients Turning 65 WorkFlow:

  • Also, check mark to restrict the stages for the deceased while running automation for Clients turning 65.

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