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dashboard widgets

App Users -> Dashboard

Within the InsuredMine Agency Portal users can now see when their clients register on the Client Portal (online) or download the Mobile App. This should

Work Email Tracking: Dashboard

This widget on the Dashboard of the Agency Portal is given for tracking of work email that are being sent from IM Portal. It gives

6 KPIs in Dashboard

Agency Dashboard will display the 6 KPIs. Active clients, Annualized Premium, Policies & Carriers (each is hyperlinked to provide you instant view to each of

Carrier by Business Share: Dashboard

Carriers by Business Share widget is now available under Agency widget: This bubble chart helps you identify which carriers are your best partners. See if

Contact by Location Chart: Dashboard

Map widget helps you identify client clusters in seconds and keep your agency well represented geographically to maintain better loss ratios. Contact by location widget

Policy By Expiration: Dashboard

Policy by Expiration is available under Agency dashboard: This stacked bar chart allows you to plan your cash-flow based on renewal premium, and work your

Client Message Board: Dashboard

Client Message Board widget is available under Agency Dashboard: Through this widget, you can directly communicate with your client via call, SMS, or email action

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