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Multiple Dashboard Feature

You can separate your widgets by Dashboard based on four different categories- Agency, Sales, Production, and Marketing and can also set a default dashboard.



  • Click on the drop-down to select the desired dashboard category.

  • Once you select the dashboard category, click on widget settings to make the selection of the widgets.



  • Widgets available under Agency Dashboard:



  • Deal charts available under Sales Dashboard:

    • Here you need to select the deal board for which you want to see the sales report

    • The sales dashboard displays sales charts from pipeline manager



  • Widgets available under Activity Dashboard:



  • Widgets available under Marketing Dashboard:



  • To set the default dashboard, click on the star sign beside the desired default dashboard. Whenever you log in to the InsuredMine portal, you will get to see the default dashboard that you have set.



To get the list of the widgets available under each section click on the arrow sign to expand the view and then click on the desired widget and it will be displayed on the right.



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