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Power your business with social proof — let your happy customers digitally endorse you and increase conversion with our completely automated reputation management platform. Build a happier, more engaged front line team. Improve customer experience and online reputation.

Connect Google My Business

First, make sure Google My Business page is set up.

  1. Log in to your profile and click on your profile picture.  Then click on the edit button.

2. If Google place ID Link is blank then click on the Get Place ID and enter your office location

3. Once you’ve added the place ID successfully, go to the Google Reviews widget on the dashboard.

Get Review

There are two ways to request reviews from clients.
1. Via automation email – Need to set up automation and system will automatically send an email to every client who is added to the agency in last x days.
2. You can manually fill a form with client information to send them the survey.

Currently we have released only manual way for client Pulse.

  1. Click on the Get Google Reviews button.

2. Fill in the necessary details and select the avenue you would like to ask your customers for a review. To help make it easier for you, a list of 5 recently added customers will be available at the bottom of the screen so you don’t have to remember who were the last few people you added.

Here is the template for the email sent to clients for review requests.

You can view your customer’s review by clicking on the Review button from the widget located on your portals dashboard.

Review Dashboard

This tab shows you the analytics:  how many surveys were completed or not completed.  You can click on each section to get a pop screen showing you the breakdown of who hasn’t responded to the survey.

Leader Board Ranking

You can now see your top-ranked agents based on the google reviews your agency has received under the Leaderboard tab.

Resend or Reply Review:

Under the Reviews Tab, you can see all of the reviews by your clients.  All reviews with 3 stars or less, will allow you to Reply to the client and Resend Review.  (Perhaps after addressing their issues, you wish to Resend the Survey for updated feedback.)  You can manage that from here.

Auto Reply for Happy/Unhappy Customer and a notification email for the Agent

We have created auto-replies for both Happy and Unhappy Customers.  You will receive an email notification alerting you about Unhappy Customers – those customers who gave you a 3-star rating or below.  This will give you the opportunity to respond to them directly and resolve any issues needing your attention.

The following emails will be sent according to the review:

Unhappy customer

Happy Customer

Agent Notification

NOTE: Google Reviews is now available in English and Spanish!

Auto-redirection to Google reviews!

When the customer rating is 4 to 5 stars and we know, it’s a HAPPY customer, we redirect the review automatically from the Google Review page to the Google business reviews webpage.

Note: For reviews 3 stars or less, client pulse does not redirect the reviews. Only an email is sent to the customer as shown earlier.

List details – Agents and send info

The Client pulse widget is available on the dashboard. In order to boost the monitoring and analyzing review functionality, actionable insight on agents and sending information is added in this release. 

To view the upgrade in  functionality follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Navigate to Google Reviews widget in the Dashboard, by clicking on the number of reviews as shown below:

2. In the Google Reviews Dashboard tab, click on the Reviews. Select the category number you would like to monitor. 

3. The Requested by category refers to the Agent Name and the Date sent is the date of requesting the review as shown below.

Enhancement!- August 2020

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