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Review Widgets Import option in Agency Website

Google reviews flash an overview of agency performance and also build trust in the contacts. Get more reviews with the widget on your website. Admin can now import google review widgets and embed them as iframe or button on their website.

Firstly, find here how to link Google Reviews and get connected to Google My Business. You have to follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Log in to your profile and click on your profile picture.
  2. Then click on the edit button.
3. If Google place ID Link is blank then click on the Get Place ID and enter your office location

Copy the place ID from the map, paste it in the “Google Place ID link” in the input box and click on Save.

3. Once you’ve added the place ID successfully, go to the Google Reviews widget on the dashboard
Make sure you login as Admin. You can proceed to import Google Review widgets, following the steps.
  • Click on settings
  • A window will open where in the left panel you will find website widgets.
  • Click on website widgets
  • A window will open to view all the widgets
  • Click on google review widgets
  • You can copy and use the link to incorporate widgets in the website or can even share on social media platforms. 

Once copied there will a confirmation popup on the top right saying “link copied to clipboard”

You will get 3 options- button, iframe and social share

Just copy and paste the google review widget button code into your site. This process will help you to install the google review button on their website.

For google review widget button code:

For google review widget iframe code:

Note: Once a client clicks on this google review button, he will be redirected to the google review page, where he can give reviews and comments.

To render the google review widget button through iframe, click on iframe, copy the iframe code and paste it on your website.

For sharing google review link through social media platform: To share the google review link on a social platform, just click on the desired social media icon which will navigate you to the selected platform and you will get the option to share the URL link. 

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