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Contact Us Form for Website

Gather customer information quickly with easy to use contact us form. The Contact-us form can be added to your agency website as an iframe or Button. The button or iframe is rendered in your agency website after you copy the code in the website admin panel. To import the Contact Us form, follow the steps mentioned below

Make sure you login as Admin to access this feature

  • Click on settings
  • A window will open wherein on the left panel you will find website widgets.
  • Click on website widgets
  • A window will open to view all the widgets.

  • Click on contact us form widgets
  • You can copy and use the link to incorporate widgets in the website or can even share on social media platforms.
  • Once copied there will a confirmation popup on the top right saying “link copied to clipboard”
  • You will get 3 options- button, iframe and social share
  • Just copy and paste the contact us form code into your site. This process will help you to install the contact us form on their website.

For contact us form button code:

For contact us form iframe code:

Note: Once a client clicks on this contact us form button, he will be navigated to the contact us section of the agency website. To render the public agency profile button through iframe, click on iframe, copy the iframe code and paste it on your website.

For sharing contact us form through social media platform:

  • To share the contact us form link on a social platform, just click on the icon directly and it will navigate you to your desired social media platform when you can share the link. 

Use Case – Purpose of this form is to feed the information gather directly to InsuredMine Shared Pipeline. Then it can be picked up by an Ageny or it can be allocated using RoundRobin.

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