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RoundRobin for dealcard allocation

What is meant by round-robin in Pipelines?

When the deals are auto-assigned to the agents by their turn in a circular schematic progression it is referred to as round-robin. For example, if there are 3 agents; A1, A2, A3. The first deal card in the pipeline is assigned to A1, second is assigned to A2, third is assigned to A3, again fourth is assigned to A1, fifth to A2, and so on in the same order.

How is round-robin useful?

Suppose you are the owner of the agency and you are providing an additional benefit on closing a deal. Every agent would try to grab as many deals as possible switching the deals to the personal Pipeline. However, it is important to give a fair chance to all agents. So, we added this useful feature which enables you to place an equal opportunity for all agents, by distributing equal deals among all.

In what ways are the deals added to the Shared Pipeline?

Deal can be added from 4 places on the shared Pipeline as mentioned below:

  1. Directly by adding a dealcard from the pipeline manager through add deal icon (icon with a “+ “sign).
  2. The deal cards are automatically created when an email is received on the service board.
  3. They can also be added through a quote received on the public profile website
  4. A zap can be created for adding deal card with the help of Zapier Integration.

How to set up Round Robin for the pipeline?

  1. Make sure you have signed in as admin.
  2. Go to the pipelines module, click on the Shared tab.
  3. Click the 3 dots icon and select Settings.
  4. You will find Setup round-robin for the pipeline segment. In this segment, select pipeline, select all participating agents under the select agent category and click Update.

Note: This feature is available for each pipeline and the deals are auto mapped to the agents.

Round Robin Enhancement

Setting round robin cards has been easier! You can now select the agent’s name as participants ( you can add multiple agents’ names and in the desired order you want deals to round robin to agents) You can also delete the participants when required. 


To view the enhancement:

  • Navigate to Pipelines

  • Click on 3 dots and select settings

  • Select Round Robin

  • From the drop-down select the agent name to add as a participant 

  • Click on the add button.

  • The agent will be added as participating agents for the Round Robin process

  • You can hover the cursor over the added name to delete the participant name.


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