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How to Manage Deals

One of the core missions of the InsuredMine platform is to help agencies in sales efforts – To increase conversions and close rates in the shortest time possible.

Deal Board can be used to manage your sales process by defining your sales flow and applying it in every deal to track details and learn from that analytics – what is working and what needs improvement. 

For consistency, all members of your agency will have the same sales process (Sales flow) as it will be easier to transition a prospect from one producer to another with such sales stage consistency.

Agency Admin will set up stages for all producers and CSRs to apply to their sales flow. 

To work on the deal card detail view – first the deal needs to be added. There are multiple ways to add deal.

Manage Deals: You have successfully created a prospect card (deal) that you can click on it to expand to add more information.

There is four segments in a detailed deal card:

  1. Header
  2. Left Actions
  3. Right Actions
  4. Center activities
Deal Details
  • Deal Name
  • Deal Health
  • Business Name
  • Contact Name
  • Deal Category
  • Expected Premium
  • Broker fee
  • Source
  • Win
  • Loss
  • Settings
  • Refresh
  • Lead Creation Data
  • Expected Close date
  1. Expand All
  2. Due on with actions to mark complete or won/lost
  3. General (Deal Card Details)
  4. % change data
  5. Linked Contacts
  6. Description
  8. Checklist
  9. Assignee
  10. Drip Campaign
  11. Intake Form
  12. Label
  13. Policy Data
  14. Custom Data
  15. Overview
Quick Actions
  1. Quick Actions
Deal Card Activities & Timeline

Deal Activity – It is divided into six categories including – To Dos, Notes, Communication (Email, Text, Call & Voicemail Drop), Files, Activities, Tasks, & Timeline. All these activities are time-stamped and will show up chronologically on the timeline.

  • Action type
  • Action Owner
  • Action date
  • Settings
    • Hide Details
    • Save & Print

Enhancement: May 2021

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