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Add Checklist

One of the principles for scaling is standardization and we are influencing operational behavior to standardize their process for consistency, efficiency, and training purposes. You can create custom checklists for each line of business so every producer is following the same process based on the checklist.  A checklist is a way of keeping track of subtasks within a card. There are often repetitive tasks within the sales process and helps draw consistency. You can create multiple checklists for your different lines of business or scenarios and where your sales process may vary from prospect/client to prospect/client. 

How to Create a Checklist?

The checklists can be accessed and created from Pipelines module

  • Settings Module
  • Pipelines module

Adding Checklist from Pipelines Module

  • Go to the pipeline manager module from the left navigation.
  • Click on the gear icon in the pipeline module.
  • Select Checklist templates option from the drop-down.

How to add and creating a checklist template?

  • Click on Add Checklist button
  • Type a checklist name
  • Set the items that you want to add to the checklist ( you can add multiple items in one checklist.)
  • Select with whom you want to share the checklist.
  • Click to save.

Note: You can even edit or delete the checklist items that you had previously added.

  • Once done you will get a success notification for the checklist created.

How to add a Checklist to a Dealboard Card?

You can add a checklist to any deal from the dealboard.  From the Navigation Panel on the left, select Pipelines to get to the dealboard.

Once here, click on the deal card you wish to add a checklist too.


You will then see this screen from which you can upload a checklist.

From the popup screen, you can select the checklist template you want to use.

And it will get added here under Checklist.

How to share a Checklist?

From the Settings section, click on the Checklist Template option.

Click on the Share button and select the agents you want to share the checklist with.