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Checklist on Pipeline Card View

Checklists help you view the processes without wasting the team’s time and ensuring efficient practices. Monitoring subtasks within the deal cards just got easier. You can now view the checklists on deals in the pipeline without individually opening to check each deal card detail.

To preview the checklist, go to the pipeline manager module. You can view the tasks accomplished in the checklist on all the deal cards in the pipeline as shown below.

Here 0/4 indicates, all 4 tasks are pending In the deal category of the pipeline.

Enhancement! June 2020

Checklist Automation

Be sure you login as Agent, if you haven’t done it already. This feature is not available for any other user role.

To setup checklist automation follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Navigate to Pipeline Manager
  2. Click on the gear icon and select Settings
  3. Scroll to the Setup Checklist Triggers for Dealboard Personal Pipeline segment.
  4. Under the trigger field select the trigger type as Stage Change or Category Change .When you opt trigger for stage change, the stage field appears. Select the stage at which you want the checklist to be added. In case you select Category change, the category field appears that allows you to select the deal category at which you want the checklist to be added.
  5. Add the checklists that are suitable for the specific stage or category added above.
  6. Click Save Trigger to activate the automation.

The system currently does not allow you to assign multiple triggers for the same stage or category.

Edit or delete a checklist trigger

1. To edit a checklist trigger , click on the Edit(Pen) icon in the row of trigger you want to edit.

2. To delete a checklist trigger, click on the delete(bin) icon in the row of trigger you want to delete.

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