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Pipeline Automation

In this article, you will learn: Examples of triggers: Examples of Actions: Assignee for Pipeline Automation How to get to the automation section from Pipeline

Add intake form

In this article, you will learn: Shareable intake form (Quotesheet) with clients Add/access an intake form on a deal card? Custom Forms added from Form

Automation: Policy Renewal

In this article, you will learn: Workflow Details Designing the workflow Editing a saved or live workflow: Carrier Name tag Policy Carrier filter for Policy

Add and upload contacts

In this article, you will learn: All contacts filter in 2nd stage and onward in email campaigns Previously shared feature in tags To add a

Add & Delete Contact

You can add or delete a contact from either – Accounts tab or Directory tab. Account 360 – Contacts can be added or deleted from specific accounts. Search

Global Add Button

Global Add button looks like a plus sign that appears on the top right corner of any screen on the agent portal. Goal is to

Quick Add from any screen

Agents can now enter information into the system very quickly and easily from anywhere in the system. Quick Add (+) icon is accessible from any

How to Manage Deals

One of the core missions of the InsuredMine platform is to help agencies in sales efforts – To increase conversions and close rates in the

Add Policy

Clients can consolidate all their policies in one place. Steps mentioned below will help him add additional policies to his policy wallet. Policyholders need to