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Zapier Integration

Zapier is a connecting platform between Insuredmine and 1000+apps to get your work done faster and easier.  

Get Zapier: Currently, we are offering the Zapier BETA version by invite only. If you need the Zapier integration, please contact us through customer support after sign-up.

Note: The instructions will be valid only for those users who already have a Zapier account

Triggers Available

When an event is triggered for the following in InsuredMine, the respective app action is activated from the zaps which are created for each trigger. Here is the list of triggers that can be initiated through Zapier for automating the workflow connected to the Insuredmine trigger. 

  1. New Prospect: When a new prospect is added in InsuredMine contacts, you can send a form from google forms, send introductory mail from MailChimp, or place any other app response for a client or other agents. 
  2. Update Prospect: Trigger is set for prospect update for any changes are made in the prospect information. It automatically reflects in the corresponding action selected by you.
  3. New Lead: Lead creation in the Insuredmine can be set to roll opportunities in other linked applications through zaps. 
  4. Update Lead: Zapier updates your google contacts or any other application linked for leads when a contact is updated in your InsuredMine contacts. 
  5. New Active Policy: While creating a  trigger of new active policy in Insuredmine you can assign google sheets column entry, create Trello, or Slack card through zaps. 
  6. Update Active Policy: When an active policy is updated in Insuredmine, the corresponding data refresh can happen in the other connected apps through zaps automatically.
  7. New Other: Trigger for when a New other contact is added in Insuredmine is available in Zapier to update your regular platforms such as google drive, Twilio, forms as well. 
  8. Update Other: Update other in contacts module of Insuredmine, this trigger allows you to make changes in the other associated apps. 
  9. New Tag: New tags inserted in Insuredmine can be found in other paired apps through zaps. 
  10. New Contact: New contact trigger deploys linked action in the associated app when a new contact is added in Insuredmine.  
  11. Update Contact: This trigger allows you to set the corresponding contact information update on another app, saving time through zaps. 
  12. New Dealcard: Trigger for New dealcard allows you to generate a similar deal card in Trello or your google contact database. 
  13. Won Deal: Trigger when a deal card is marked as won.
  14. Lost Deal: Trigger when a deal card is marked as lost.

Actions Available

When other apps trigger 

  1. Create deal on shared board: When google contact is updated for lead or prospect or any other action event triggers on a linked app, a dealcard is generated for it in the Insuredmine’s pipeline manager automatically through Zaps. 
  2. Create a deal on personal board: Suppose an appointment is booked through Calendly or a google form is updated, your Insuredmine personal pipeline will show an added dealcard for the same. This actionable integration is possible through zaps. 

Note:Zaps are automation links created in Zapier software to connect the two applications. Here it would mean InsuredMine with other supporting apps, such as  Google forms, MailChimp, Slack, Trello, etc.

Steps for integration:

  1. Select trigger:  In “When this happens” section, on the Zapier window click Insuredmine and choose the trigger. 
  2. Invite: To activate a trigger in Insuredmine, you need to connect the agent account by sending an invite to the agents who have signed up for Zapier.

Insuredmine Account authentication in Zapier Platform (Generate a password from InsuredMine and add in Zapier)

3. To generate a password in Insuredmine, login to your agent portal. In the Settings module, click Zapier, you will see username and password, copy the password and paste it in Zapier window.

4. Create new trigger:

Consider a scenario wherein when a new prospect is created in Insuredmine, an email should be triggered to the agent. Below are the steps on how to create this trigger.

4.1 Choose insuredmine2.0.0 application

4.2 Select a trigger event as per your requirement & click Continue

4.3 Click Add account or Add new account

4.4 Enter insuredmine email address and zapier password

4.5 once entered choose that authenticated account and click continue

4.6 Agent Role depends on the role of the onboarded agent in Insuredmine. These options are extracted based on the account details associated with agent email address that was used for authentication.

4.7 If the admin role is chosen, then this trigger subscription request will be added to all the agents linked to the admin account. However, if the agent role is chosen, then this trigger subscription request will be added to the agent email address that was used for authentication.

4.8 Click Test Trigger to view sample result data that will be sent from this trigger to the subscribed email address

4.9 Click continue. Your trigger has now been successfully created.

5. Create an Action: Follow the Steps mentioned below to create an action.

5.1 Choose the application and action event & click continue

5.2 Add your Gmail account

5.3 Use the field options shown in IntelliSense. These options indicate that these are all the fields sent as result of data from the trigger method.

5.4 After entering the required fields click continue

6. Test trigger: After adding the details on app and events, account and agent email ID. Find data to test the trigger by clicking the test trigger. Click on test/retest and continue to view a test email sent to the configuration the was done in step 5.4.

7. Turn zap on: Click done editing and click Turn zap on button.
You have now successfully subscribed to an event in insuredmine. To view the list of available zaps click back to setup

8. Customize prospect: Select the email id for agents who are Zapier users.

Create zap: Select app and event in Do this section to set relevant actions for example you may click Google sheets and set the action as add row in google sheet. Then select the sheets, select sheet name, and add the column descriptions as well. Once it is set, zap is created.

To view the list of all available active/inactive zaps, click the squared icon. Zaps can be turned ON/OFF whenever required.

An image of the home screen after zap is turned on can be seen below.

Difference between Triggers and Actions

As mentioned in Zapier, All Zaps start with a trigger that watches for new or updated data. Everything a Zap does with that data, though, is done by actions. Zapier actions push or put new data into apps through API calls that pass data from user customized input fields.

Triggers and actions can be configured in below combinations using insuredmineApplication


Read more about this in Zapier official docs

Benefits of Zapier

  • Task automation at its best: The repetitive tasks of your agency can be done on autopilot mode without coding. For example adding prospects, sending emails, sharing policy certificates and other important documents, etc. Simple integration does the job for you. 
  • Sync your work processes and customer relations: Every sales process involves a lot of back and forth to convert, engage, and retain a client. Integration of Zapier with Insuredmine helps create a synergy between all sales funnel workflow, managing goals, tasks, campaigns with several tools and solutions that build a robust functionality altogether. Eliminating mistakes, redundancy, security breach, poor content, or conduct to ensure your data reaches the right place at the right time.  
  • Connect multiple apps: You might be working with web applications like Google Mail, Google forms, Slack, Mailchimp, GotoMeetings for daily business purposes. You can connect your Insuredmine trigger to directly perform an action on the web app using zaps. For example, you add a new active policy and want to add the information in your Google sheet as well. You can do so by setting a trigger and action on Zapier, without any coding.

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