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Engagement: Automation

Engagement automation is provided to set up automated communication via email/text for the agency contacts (prospects/clients) based on triggers like date, actions or events.

There are 12 prebuilt automations as mentioned below:

  1. Happy Birthday
  2. Policy Renewal
  3. Referral Request
  4. Clients turning 65
  5. Welcome Clients
  6. Cross-Sell
  7. Thank You Clients
  8. Client Pulse
  9. Custom Automation

Enhancement: September 2021

10. Midterm policy workflow

11. Monoline Workflow

Enhancement: February 2021

New Pre-built Automation

12. New Policy

Enhancement: August 2020

Learn about skip weekend option for workflow automation

Learn about email notification to agents

Enhancement: August 2020

Learn about how to apply filters in workflow automation 

Learn how to create and use Text Templates

Enhancement: June 2020

Workflow Changes – Select agent, redirection, send to myself logic

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