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Welcome Clients: Automation

In this article, you will learn:

Never miss out on an opportunity to celebrate your customers! Welcome triggered emails are sent to customers when they become your client. These are super effective to show your clients special attention and acknowledge their VIP status every single year.

Follow the simple steps below and create a welcome automation workflow.

  1. Go to the Engagement section from the left navigation bar and click Create under the Automation tab.

2. Click on the WELCOME CLIENTS box then click on New.

Workflow Details

3. In the workflow setup screen that appears, Add or select the following and Click Begin:

  • Workflow Name: Add suitable campaign name, based on line of business, client type or any other name which has relevance and quick recall.
  • Select the mode to send the workflow (email, text, postcard/letter (, tasks, reminder): To start a campaign for all modes or select particular modes, click on checkboxes for each mode you wish to activate. Orange indicates selected. 
  • Select a list: To address campaign select Active clients.
  • Trigger workflow when the following conditions are met: To set the trigger for delivering the messages on the right day, After and enter the number of days.

Designing the workflow

4. The steps to design workflow are mentioned below:

4.1. Select the sender phone number and email id in From Number and From Email fields.

4.2. Select the mode of workflow from Email, SMS, Postcard/letter, Task and Reminder.

4.3. Select template, you can create customized templates through template builder.

4.4. Type your message and add relevant tags from the right Tag segment.

4.5. Click Add new stage on the left to send a series of messages and fill the information you wish to share at each stage.

4.6. After adding relevant stages, click Next to review the workflow.