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Custom fields as automation Tag

Update – Contact Custom fields are available as tags Use case – Easier for Agents to auto-populate custom fields data of the contact   Process:

Renewed Policy Workflow Automation

Renewed workflow automation is available for NowCerts, QQ Catalyst, and AMS360 users.  This workflow can be scheduled for any policy that gets renewed into your

Cancellation Pipeline Automation

How to set Cancellation Pipeline Automation? Note: Feature available for NowCerts, HawkSoft, AMS360, and QQCatalyst If any deal card gets canceled for any reason, through

Filters in workflow automation 

In this article, you will learn: The process to apply filters while setting workflow automation: Now you can set filters to segregate the clients or

Automation: Birthday

In this article, you will learn: Workflow Details Designing the workflow Dependent Handling in Birthday Workflow Automation (For AMS 360 users only) Follow the simple

Generic filters

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