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Xdate added in Contact & Account on the cancellation date.

Description-  Xdate will be marked for contact or account. The date on which the policy is canceled will be marked as Xdate in Contact 360 or Account 360.

Usecase- Xdate is helpful for agents to retarget potential customers using the reference of Xdate.


  • Navigate to the Settings module. 

  • Click on Add Xdate automation
  • Scroll down to Cancel Policy Automation Settings. Toggle to Enabled.
  • Scroll down to Add Xdate on the drop-down. You can select Contact or  Account.

  • Click on Save.

Note- If you select the contact and If you are canceling any policy from that contact associated with it, then the canceled date will be marked as the Xdate for the contact and will be visible in contact360.

If you select the Account and If we are canceling any policy for that account associated with it, then the canceled date will be marked as the Xdate for the Account and will be visible in account360.

  • Navigate to the Policies Module. Select the policy you would like to cancel.

  • Click on Cancel Policy.

  • Select the contact for the policy for which the changes were made. Refresh the tab.
  • Scroll down to view xdate. The date for which the policy has been canceled will be visible in Xdates.

  • You can change the settings for accounts by selecting Add xdate as Account in Add X date automation under Add X date automation in Settings Module.


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