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Renewed Policy Workflow Automation

Renewed workflow automation is available for NowCerts, QQ Catalyst, and AMS360 users. 

This workflow can be scheduled for any policy that gets renewed into your AMS system and is updated in InsuredMine with renewal updates. 

Note: This workflow works for all renewed policies for Active clients only.


To schedule the workflow:

  • Navigate to Engagements
  • Click on Customize beside Renewed Policy


  • Set the Workflow Name

  • Select the mode of workflow

  • Set the filters for the contacts who will be receiving the communication

  • Select which policy categories, carriers need to be included

  • Select after how many days the workflow should trigger after renewal 

Note: By default 1 day is selected

  • Click on Begin

  • Set the Stages

  • Click Next

  • Select the agents for whom you want to start the workflow

  • Select the checkbox for agent notification

  • Click on Start

  • You will then get a message saying the automation has started
  • To view the automation click on Return To Your Automation button
  • You can also view the stages
  • To view the template, click on the template

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