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Automation: Referral Request

Roll in referrals automatically. Send automated emails asking clients to invite their friends and family, to sign up for your services. Your customers are excited to have benefitted from your policy, have them spread the word through the highly intuitive and well-designed communication platform. Schedule your drip emails to reach the target audience at the perfect time.

Workflow automation allows you to do the following:

  1. Send automated emails, text messages to your clients asking them for referrals, or joining your referral program.
  2. Send real postcards and letters with customized images and digitally-handwritten text through integration. As these postcards are delivered to the client’s door-step they are sure to be noticed. You initiate the stage for sending a postcard/letter and it is delivered to clients within 7 days. Make sure you connect with for this functionality workflow.
  3. Create a drip email notification for tasks. The notifications for tasks are sent to assignee agents.
  4. Send reminder email notifications.

Use case: Your client expresses happiness for receiving prompt assistance in processing claims. You can start an automated workflow without being pushy, by simply suggesting “Is there anyone else I may assist?”. This helps you gather more referrals. Also, you can create reminders automation which relies on sequence emails and follow-up task reminders to help CSRs nurture prospects and automate their sales processes.

How to create a referral request workflow?

To create a referral request workflow, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to EngagementWorkflow automationCreate
  2. Select Referral Request and click Next.

Workflow details

3. Fill in the following information and click Begin

  1. Workflow Name: Enter a suitable name for the workflow, for example – Referral Request
  2. Select the mode to send workflow (email, text message,, task, reminder) – Mark the relevant checkboxes.
  3. Select a list: This field category is auto-populated with Active clients. The total number of recipients is reflected in the right corner below this field. Click on filter to create a more specific list
  4. Trigger workflow when the following conditions are met

When: The category is auto-filled as After (policy is subscribed). As the referral request is related to active clients, it can be only triggered in the After scenario.

Days: Enter the number of days after the enrollment, to trigger the workflow. Consider today is 10th August,  you select 8 days as a trigger, the workflow will be triggered on today’s day configuration +8 days i.e. on 18th August. Also for subsequent stages, trigger dates have to be set in increasing order. You can set 20 days as stage 2 trigger date, 45 days as Stage 3 Trigger date, and so on.

Designing the workflow

. Follow the steps mentioned below to design the workflow:

A. Select the sender phone number and email id in From Number and Email fields. In the capacity of Manager or Admin, you can choose your credentials or agent’s credentials as sender id and phone no.

B. Select the type of workflow from Email, SMS, Postcard/letter, Task, and Reminder.

C. Select template, you can create customized templates through template builder.

D. Add a signature – Select from the signature options you have uploaded in the system.

E. Type your message and add relevant list tags from the right Tag segment.

F. Click Add new stage on the left to send a series of messages and fill the information you wish to share at each stage.

G. After adding relevant stages, click Next to review the workflow.

H. Click Create

Analytics of Referral Request Workflow

  1. Navigate to Engagement click on Analytics under Automation.
  2. Click Track
  3. Select the mode by clicking the tab  Email, SMS, or and review the respective campaign’s performance.

You will notice the recipient column added in each list to help navigate directly to the customer 360 profile of the contact

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