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Email – Templates 101

Design effective email campaigns to communicate with your customers and prospects.

Email Templates are a smart and easy way to standardize communication internally and externally. InsuredMine provides a broad category of an email template, which can be used as-is or modified as needed.

Enhancement! October 2021

Templates have a New Look

All the folders are displayed on the left panel. If you click on any folder all the templates in the folder will open on the right. The search option is provided at 2 places, one at left side and another on the top right. 


Accessing Email Template

  1. Click on Engagement in Left Navigation Bar.
  2. Select the Templates box from the bottom of the page.
  3. The next Screen displays all folders with Email Templates. On this page, you can edit, update, delete or add any new templates that can be used in Email CampaignsAutomation, or Work Email.

Edit Email Template

To edit an email template, select the template you want to edit,

  1. Click on 3 dots on the right side
  2. Click on option Edit and it will open up the editing page for the template
  3. Check out different buttons and their functionality for editing the template

Using Email Template

  1. Email templates can be when sending an email
  2. Click Select Template or reply option to respond to an email using a template
  3. Select a specific email template from the drop-down menu

Here is the link to the list of templates added to template folder as a new user signs up.

Adding a template manually

  1. Go to Engagement and click Templates.
  2. Click All (marked as 1 in the image) under the folder tab or any other folder name to which you wish to add the template. (Note: In case another folder doesn’t exist, create a folder as mentioned in the next segment)
  3. Click Add template (marked as 2 in the image below).
  4. In the pop-up,
    • Select template type(Email campaign, Workflow automation, Work email or text message),
    • Template Title,
    • Subject,
    • Add email body content that you want to templatize
    • Click Submit.

Adding a template using Template Builder

Steps to create and edit the templates in the template builder.

Adding a folder

  1. Go to Engagement and click Templates
  2. Click Add Folder on the left side.
  3. In the Add Folder pop-up, type the folder name and click Save. The added folder can be seen on the left window panel.

Sharing Email Templates

Create and share email templates with other team members within the Agency.

Follow the steps below to share email templates:

  1. Go to Engagement from the left navigation bar
  2. Click on Templates at the lower section of the page
  3. Select the template you want to share
  4. Click on the ellipses (…) and select the share feature.
    1. On the sidebar screen select all Agency members individually with whom you want to share this particular template.