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How to….

Edit/ update your agent profile? Add a new contact? Create a task Create a new campaign Add email template Create a List? Upload List and

Automation: Birthday

In this article, you will learn: Workflow Details Designing the workflow Dependent Handling in Birthday Workflow Automation (For AMS 360 users only) Follow the simple

Creating a list with female filter

A list can be created by just filtering out only your FEMALE clients. To create a list, follow the steps below. Go to Dashboard and then go to Clients by

Embedding video in your email

2. Add a video from your computer by clicking on the browse icon. 3. Make sure you select the All Files option while selecting the video. 4. A video

Automation: Policy Renewal

In this article, you will learn: Workflow Details Designing the workflow Editing a saved or live workflow: Carrier Name tag Policy Carrier filter for Policy

Single Contact Drip

In this article, you will learn: How to create a Single Contact Drip (SCD)? Assigning agents in Single Contact Drip Assign SCD to contact in

Hot keys/Data tags in Email Editor

In this article, you will learn: Tag Definitions Tags in Email campaign Tags in Single Contact Drip campaign Tags in Bulk text Tags in Automation

List of Templates

We are working everyday to make it easy and convenient for producers and CSR to engage with your clients. We have created a repository of

Automate Email or Text

You can now automate email or text messages for the following events so that your clients get notified timely: Birthday Policy Renewal Referral Requests 65th