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We all get 100s of emails every day some of them are more informational, marketing and others are more important with transaction details or important communication or updates. 

Sometimes few marketing emails or more repeatable emails with no value we try to unsubscribe. However, when you have only one option to unsubscribe in email communication, and if the recipient chooses to unsubscribe you run the risk of contacts unsubscribing to all content including important transactional email rather than just marketing emails. To address this concern, we provide preferences to the email recipients to select what kind of email they would like to receive and which one they would prefer to unsubscribe.

Note: You must select the list in the sequence field on the email campaign screen. Make sure you review the list type as User or CSV in the List Library by navigating to Engagements>Lists>Settings> List Library.

You have a choice

Unsubscribe for InsuredMine Contact User List

When the list is created out of the contact module; these contacts are already in our system and are expecting to receive marketing as well as transactional, important email. Thus it is important for them to have options to unsubscribe to one (marketing) but not other (transactional). Thus they will be presented with two options. They can either Unsubscribe from (1) marketing emails or (2) all emails. If the user selects marketing emails- unsubscribe, he will continue to receive only policy-related or other transactional emails. However, if he selects all emails – unsubscribe, he will no longer receive any email communication.

Unsubscribe for CSV upload List

CSV upload list from the Engagement module is usually used to upload a lead list to market and nurture. When you upload such a list, contacts from such lists are not added to your contact module. Since they are not in your contact module, it is expected there is no important message/updates/transactions with these upload contacts. Thus CSV upload contacts receive only one unsubscribe option and on clicking on it, that contact is directly removed from your CSV upload list. He will no longer receive any marketing emails even if you upload him again via another CSV upload.

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