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Sales are driven by contacts. The higher the number of contacts, the more chances of lead generation to win sales. Contacts are your leads, prospects, clients other acquaintances you talk to. You can upload contacts or pull them from your AMS, website forms with default defined, or custom defined properties into Insuredmine.

If you are wondering where can you find the Contacts module, its located on the left navigation.

The 3 dots icon in the contacts module towards the top-right displays contacts setting. It comprises of – Settings, Download, Save as report, Save as List, Merge Contact, Add Dispositions (Admin only), Custom Field (Admin only), and Upload Data.

Add Contacts

Upload contacts by clicking on the 3 dots and selecting the Upload data icon for CSV upload or manually through Add New Button. Click to learn more about add contacts

Note: If you need additional fields to in your contacts like house number and reference we suggest creating custom fields for that purpose.

You can now upload bulk contact and assign the contacts to multiple agents at one time.

Deleting Multiple Contacts

Deleting multiple contacts at one go will help you clean your database faster.


Process to delete multiple contacts:

  • Navigate to contacts

  • Select Multiple contacts

  • Click on delete


  • You will get a warning message saying: 

  • Confirm in case you want to delete the selected contacts.

Contacts Automation

Insuredmine allows you to create targetted emails and automatically send them when a new contact is added. You can select from multiple types of email series in the default trigger settings.

Set triggers for Contact Automation

  1. Navigate to Contacts
  2. Click the gear icon and select Settings.
  3. In the Setup Contacts Triggers segment, Select Drip for the email series you want to trigger when a new user is added.

Note: Default setting to Start Add contact drip is turned on. If you do not want to trigger the campaign right away, you can unmark the same in the Add New Contact scroll window.

Enhancement: June 2021


Add tag and disposition in contact automation trigger

You can run a drip campaign while adding tags & dispositions as you add a contact. 

To create a trigger for adding contacts:

  • Navigate to contacts.
  • Click on gear icon to select settings
  • Click on the trigger- Select add contact and select the drip from drop down, and click on submit. A trigger for added contact will be created.

Note: If you try to create the add contact trigger with the same drip, it will show: Add contact trigger already exists.