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CSR Tag in Create Templates in Engagement

Enhance your email template creation process by integrating CSR tags. By selecting CSR tags, you can effortlessly retrieve relevant CSR information directly into your email templates, streamlining communication and ensuring consistency in customer interactions.

Use Case: Simplify and expedite the email drafting process by accessing CSR information. 

Note: This feature is specific to  Sagitta, AMS360, and Nowcerts AMS.

To View the Enhancement: 

Now, you will be able to retrieve CSR data associated with the contact just by clicking on tags while sharing an email.

From Email Campaigns in Engagement Module:

  • While sharing Email Campaigns, click on Tags.
  • From the dropdown, select CSR tags to retrieve information directly such as CSR Name, Email, and phone number.

From Bulk Text Option in Engagement Module:

  • Within Tags search for CSR.
  • Click on it to add CSR data by adding tags to your text campaign.

From Email Templates Email/Text:

  • While adding templates for emails, select CSR tags to fetch CSR information directly.

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