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Text Template

In this article, you will learn: How to set a Text Template? How to use the text template to send text messages? Now sending text Integration

In this article, you will learn: How to integrate with Insuredmine? 1. Automated workflow : 2. Manual: is a third party system integrated to

Creating a list with female filter

A list can be created by just filtering out only your FEMALE clients. To create a list, follow the steps below. Go to Dashboard and then go to Clients by

Template Builder

In this article, you will learn: Build a Template Template Builder – Features The Template Builder feature of InsuredMine will help you create professional and

Embedding video in your email

2. Add a video from your computer by clicking on the browse icon. 3. Make sure you select the All Files option while selecting the video. 4. A video

Automation: Policy Renewal

In this article, you will learn: Workflow Details Designing the workflow Editing a saved or live workflow: Carrier Name tag Policy Carrier filter for Policy

Voice Calling

With the new calling feature implemented on the portal, you can increase customer engagement by making, receiving and monitoring calls at your fingertips. You can quickly

Add and upload contacts

In this article, you will learn: All contacts filter in 2nd stage and onward in email campaigns Previously shared feature in tags To add a

List- Engagement

In this article, you will learn: Select List Source How to Create a list? Lead Source Filter in List AMS User Type filter in list