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CSR handling for Nowcerts in an Email campaign

Description- CSR email has been added as a sender in the drop-down of “From Section” in Nowcerts agency while creating email campaigns. An email will be sent by the CSR email added to an account.

Use Case- The email received will show CSR as the sender for special scenarios.


Note – The CSR email can be added by the Nowcerts Agency while creating the account. 

  • You can add a CSR email from nowcerts by adding an Account Manager/CRM.

  • The added CSR email in an account synced in Insuredmine will be visible under Account 360 of an Account in the Account module.

  • The email will be sent by the email mapped with the CSR of the particular account.
  • Navigate to the Engagement Module. Select Create in  Email Campaign. 

  • Go to the Sender section. Select the drop-down to choose the option.

  • An email will be sent from the email mapped into CSR related to that account for the particular email campaign. 

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