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Contact Automation Handling in Forms.

Description: If tags are added to a newly created contact using a form, and those tags have any automation, the automation will be triggered for that newly created contact.

Benefit: It is simple to automate the assignment of drips to newly created contacts.


  • Navigate to the Contact module. Click on the three dots to select Contact Automation.
  • Select Add Tag under the Trigger column. Select Tags under the Tag column & choose a Drip. 
  • Click on Submit. 


Note – The assigned drip will be initiated for the new contacts based on the New Tag contact automation.

  • Navigate to the Form module. Go to the form and click the three dots to select Form Automation.


  • Under the Pipeline Settings, choose Private or Shared accordingly. The addition of contact tags and user tags for automation can be done statically or dynamically.
  • Click on Save.
  • Under Create Contact. Select User Tags. 

Note – Once a new contact is created using forms, the drip automation that has been assigned to it will start.

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