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Screen-pop for incoming calls

Whenever you will have an incoming call, you will have a screen pop for the call. In case there are multiple contacts saved with the

Search contact in eSignature

While sending documents to the signers, you need to add the signers’ names, email IDs, and phone number. Now while adding signers, you will find

Customer Age

  While adding or editing a contact, if you mention the date of birth of the contact, it will reflect the contact’s age. This is

Contacts- InsuredMine Agent App

The contacts section includes 2 tabs: Contacts and Accounts. The contacts section will represent the following contact groups- All, Active, Inactive, Prospect, Lead, and other

Unit and Suite no. for address fields

In this article, you will learn: How to add unit/suite no. in the address section while adding contacts? While adding a personal/commercial contact in InsuredMine, you may

Ringless voicemail

In this article, you will learn: To setup integrations: How to send Ringless voicemail drop messages manually How to send voicedrop via Workflow To track

Full Contact

In this article, you will learn: To view full contact details from the Contact 360 section: To view full contact details from the Pipeline Manager