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Add Lead Source

Lead Source is the primary source of referral for the contact. It is a record for where the lead came from. The best practice is to also enter the email address and phone number of the lead source.

Use Case: Consider the case where you want to know which marketing medium is working best for you? You just need to check the Deal Report by lead source to find out which lead source is added in most of the contacts … Is it Facebook, Webforms, personal referrals or some other channel? The one with the highest mentions is the best source for your agency.

How to add lead source in Contacts?

Adding lead source for new contact

To add lead source follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Navigate to Contacts module and click on Add contact.
  2. On the Add New Contacts screen, scroll down to find lead source field.
  3. Select the lead source by clicking an existing source or Click on add a new source.
  4. When you click on add new source, the Source screen rolls out. Enter a source name (referral name), email address and phone number (if applicable). Click Submit.

Note: You can edit or delete the lead source for contact from the Source screen. Click on the pen icon to edit the referral information. Hover over the bin icon, delete option will be displayed. Click Delete to remove the lead source information.

Adding Lead Source for an existing contact

To add lead source for an existing contact 

  1. Navigate to the Contacts module.
  2. Click the ellipse button under the Actions column of the specific contact row.
  3. Select Edit from the options that appear.
  4. On the Update contacts screen, scroll to the lead source field and follow steps 3 and 4 mentioned above as for new contacts.

Note: The referral date is by default chosen as the current date of adding lead source, if not specified otherwise at the time of adding the lead source.

The lead source is displayed in the contacts 360 profile of the contact. You can directly send emails or text messages to the source by clicking the email or text message icon respectively.

Lead Source in Pipelines

When a deal is added to an existing contact, the source is pre-populated, reflecting the lead source of the contact.

If you make any changes in the source or add a source, it is visible in the contact profile as well. The process to add source is the same as mentioned above while adding contacts. You can also add a source on the expanded deal card by clicking under the Source field in the header.

Lead Source is referred to as Source in Pipeline Manager

Deal Report by Lead Source

Indications of the report
  • The number of deals related to each deal source is displayed in this report.
  • The data can be viewed for All deals, lost deals, won deals and In process deals.
  • You can save an image or print the chart by clicking on the ellipse (3 dots).
  • The deal list for respective sources can be viewed by double-clicking on the individual bar.
  • It allows you to filter on the basis of specific time period. Select the date range to view the source analysis chart for any particular period.

Helpful Analysis

The Deal report by lead source in the pipeline deal charts reveals which lead generation channels produced the highest number of new leads. It is also useful to view the source that provided most revenue based on won opportunities.

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