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Text generation using AI

Description: Use the built-in Transform Text using AI service to create engaging text for emails, text messages, and campaigns. Benefit: It is easy to draft

Add Lead Source

In this article, you will learn: How to add lead source in Contacts? Lead Source in Pipelines Lead Source is the primary source of referral


In this article, you will learn: Connecting your work email with Calendar Other Events Markup/ Event color markup in calendar Multiple Calendar events handling Duplicate

Customer Age

While adding or editing a contact, if you mention the date of birth of the contact, it will reflect the contact’s age. This is calculated

Unsubscribe/bounce/complaint/manual handling

In this article, you will learn: To subscribe/unsubscribe emails: Automation unsubscribe and handling How can you check what all services are subscribed/unsubscribed for the contacts?

Unit and Suite no. for address fields

In this article, you will learn: How to add unit/suite no. in the address section while adding contacts? While adding a personal/commercial contact in InsuredMine, you may

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