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User-Defined fields in Contacts

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Sometimes out of the box CRM may not have every field that we may need for our business. Thus, UDF (user defined fields) can help bridge those gaps. An Admin can now add custom fields to capture such additional information in a contact profile. These fields can be numeric, text, or alphanumeric fields.
To create custom fields in the directory, follow the steps below.

Note: Make sure you are logged in as an Admin

1. Click the Custom fields icon in the Contacts module as shown below.

2. In the Custom fields window, select the input type first and then add the label name. You can simultaneously add as many fields as desired by clicking on Add another button. After adding a custom field name and types, click on Submit

3. The fields created are now available in the Add new contact window panel. Contact Information about the criteria added can be obtained and accessed easily.

Enhancement:  June 2020

Sorting in Custom Fields

Custom fields (User-defined fields) are added by the Admin in the Contacts module. 

Make sure the Custom field is enabled in the Select Table columns of the contacts module.

Once they are visible, each column header has mini up-down arrow icons for sorting, click on these icons to view the list in ascending or descending order for the specific column data.

Look at the sample image below for reference.

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