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View each custom fields individually in the directory

Add a Custom Field

Admin can customize the fields or label names for the contact directory.

  • Click on contacts
  • Click on 3 dots and click on the custom field.
  • You can add or delete the fields/label name as required.

These custom fields will be visible to the agents in the contact section. Agents can select these custom fields as required, and he will get those fields visible in the contact list/ directory.

View only Selected Custom fields in Contact Table View

To select the custom fields in the directory. 

  • Click on Contact
  • Click on the select table columns icon.
  • Navigate down to choose the custom fields

For example, if the admin has set 3 custom fields- Nick Name, Account Name, and Vin Code.

An agent can view these three custom fields and can select any one, two, or all three as per his preference.

  • Click on save

A popup notification will generate on the top right saying, “Table column save successfully”.

And now, the contact directory will have all the custom fields that have been selected by the agent.

View all Custom fields in Contact360

You can also view all the custom fields in Contact 360 in the bottom section of the overview segment.

Enhancement: May 2021

Handle custom fields as per agent

This one is applicable for accounts that have Enterprise type. 

If the agent logs in through an account that has enterprise type, you will get the option to select the agents, while handling custom fields.

Note: For non-enterprise agents, in custom fields, will not have the option to assign agents for labels.

Note: If you don’t add any agent name for a custom field, then by default it will select the admin name, through which you have logged in. 

Note: Adding custom fields can be accessed by admin only but will show up for all agents.

And the label will be available to those agents whose names are mentioned in the custom fields. But if there is any label that is not assigned to any agent will be assigned to the admin by default.

Once you click on submit, the custom fields will get updated.

Note: In the table column view in contacts, whatever fields are assigned to agents, the same fields will be visible to him.

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