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Deal charts

Deal Charts are a great way to get real analytics on your business in a visibly friendly way.

From the Dealboard, you can click on the gear icon to get a drop-down menu.

Click on Deal Charts and you will see all of the Deal charts.

  1. Deal conversion Won/Loss: This is a simple bar graph chart that will show how many of your deals were converted to Won vs Lost in a specific time period (by default it is 30 days). You can get additional details about Won/Lost deals by clicking on the respective bars including Contacts, Deal value, Agent name, status, and more.
  2. Deal conversion by stages: This is a stacked bar graph chart that shows the number of deals marked as Won/Lost by each stage you have defined in your deal stage. You get to learn at which stage most of your win is happening. Additional details about Won/Lost deals by stages are available by clicking on the stacked bar including Contacts, Deal value, status, and more.
  3. Deal value by Stages: This is a funnel chart reflecting at which stage most of your value is stuck and stacks stages in an ascending manner. This chart will help you learn which stage needs more work than others as they are stuck at the bottom of the pyramid.
  4. Deal Report by Labels: Segmenting deals by labels helps you understand the categories of deals that are coming through and their success rates. You can use labels as your source types.
  5. Deals Activities Effort: This chart helps you understand your efforts on all the active deals in your deal board for that period. It will show the distribution of your efforts pertaining to activities scheduled, email sent, files attached, notes created and SMS sent. Over a period of time and based on these activities, you will learn what is the optimum activities count for you to have the best results.
  6. Lost Reasons: This donut chart helps analyse the reason behind losing deals and gives actionable insights on how to guide the sales team forward. The highest data value of the slice indicates the major reason for losing deals prompting to rework your sales strategies for it.
  7. Deals by categories: The deal categories chart gives a clearer perspective on the line of business that is trending the most or the least in each pipeline. Gain an insight into value and percentage of deals won, lost and in process in each category. By default, this chart displays business deals value and percentage for all deal categories. You can also view the deal cards based on count or value. Just slide the toggle bar to select the preference.

Each of these reports can be downloaded or printed.  Just hover your mouse over the 3 dots on each report and you can choose from there.

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