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When to use SCD Vs Lists?

InsuredMine’s CRM offers two primary email marketing approaches: Single Contact Drip (SCD) and List. Understanding when to use each method is important for effective communication & engagement with clients.

Single Contact Drip Overview:

  • SCD is a quick and customizable automated email feature for client communication.
  • It can be assigned to a single/multiple contacts simultaneously.
  • Collaboration is possible, as SCD can be shared with team members for efficient work.

Use Cases:

  • Assignable to  individual contacts or in multi selection from contacts module.
  • Reports on sent and scheduled campaigns are available under the sales dashboard
  • Send analytics can be shown under the assigned contact communication tab .
  • One more option to view the engagement module is from Scd- send analytics,  Assigned SCD -Analytics view.

Lists Overview:

  • Lists are directories of email/text to send  drip campaigns.
  • Shareable among agents for collaborative efforts.
  • There are two options available for creating lists: Live lists and Static lists.

Use Cases:

  • Organizing and managing contacts for marketing campaigns.
  • Collaboration through shared lists among agents.

Now when to use Lists vs SCD?

For Personalization:

  • Choose SCD for high personalization needs such as sending Emails, tasks, sms via email notification.

 Number of Contacts:

  • For campaigns involving numerous contacts, lists may be more suitable.

 Criteria for Contact Selection:

  • Lists offer flexibility in organizing contacts based on specific criteria.

Collaboration Needs:

  • If collaboration with other agents or team members is essential, both SCD and Lists allow for shared efforts.

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